Master Tetraminx - October 2012
The Master Tetraminx is a shape transformation of the Master Pyraminx produced by Meffert’s. The puzzle takes the shape of a truncated pyramid, achieved by removing the trivial tips of the Master Pyraminx. The solving challenge remains the same, as the tips removed are trivial to the difficultly of the puzzle.

Making the puzzle took less than a hour, as no real work was done to alter the shape of the puzzle. It was simply a matter of accessing the screws, unscrewing the puzzle and removing the unwanted pieces. The hardest part of making the puzzle was accessing the screws, as the tips were secured in place too well to simply pull them off. Instead I had to grind away enough plastic off the tips to reveal the screws they covered.

The stickers for the new faces were created after removing the tips were made by hand from Meffert’s style sticker material. The puzzle turns really well and a lot more freely than the Master Pyraminx as I was able to adjust the tension of the screws.

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